Trusted Again

I received a beautiful text message and it says, “Can I invite you to preach this Sunday?” That simple message makes me alive again although I know that I am alive in Christ. Alive from the passion that once buried and thought that nothing like that will ever take place. I resigned to the idea that preaching may not ever happened again and that people may have heard a story about me without me knowing it and therefore no one will ever in their right mind risk their ministry by inviting me. I am somehow being deported to another world and in that world, I am the me that I dreamed of, UNKNOWN, Follower, Spectator, and to be honest I am quite settling well in this place. I was a little bit hesitant to say yes but I said yes nevertheless.

Knowing fully well that I will take part in declaring His message in His Kingdom, I took it as coming from the heart of God, stirring another minister’s heart, and in the process nudging my heart not to decline. What makes me so excited is knowing that it is a new church, a small church, and that if God can trust me with the little, who knows in the future, He can trust me with much. I was so excited to take part on what seems to be unknown in the eyes of men but I just know is big thing in the eyes of God.

Going there were met with twists and turns, anger and frustrations without nothing to do with the coming invitation, tears shed that I must be the Jeremiah in the new generation and so many other curves that tempt me to not going. But then again, greater is Jesus who is in me than Satan who is in the world. Jesus won and off we went.

I was met with the sweetest, good-natured Pastor and members. I saw how genuine they worshiped Jesus without having a worship leader but just singing with CD played. I saw how they surrendered their life to Him, how sincere there services were and how they believed that they are not going to be that way forever. I saw how the people enjoyed having felt His presence and being there for them was a great honor from Jesus.

I was blessed to have been accompanied by my ever supportive boyfriend who unashamedly served me a glass of water so I have my voice preserved and took some photos as keepsake of His unending grace.

It was a remarkable March 7, 2015 at New Seeds Christian Fellowship Sabang Danao. It was a date I will fully treasured because it was signal for me that no matter what people have said, no one can stop Jesus from trusting me again. I was humbled but blown away by the freshness of His mercy.

His Word confirms in Lamentations 3:22-23, the faithful love of the Lord never ends. His mercies never cease. Great is His faithfulness; His mercies begin afresh each morning. NLT

They worshiped Jesus from the heart that it moved me so deeply more than you'll ever know.

They worshiped Jesus from the heart that it moved me so deeply more than you’ll ever know.

DSCN1558 DSCN1546


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