It’s not defined by people’s treatment,

It’s not based on people’s acknowledgment,

It’s rooted in who you are in Christ,

So don’t be fooled in the world’s beauty advice.

You may not be like a woman in the magazine,

You may not look like a beauty queen,

But if you only know Jesus pursuit for you,

Your radiance from withing will definitely show.

The world’s beauty standard will fade,

And the body will only rot in the grave,

The beauty you should pursue is within,

Desire to be out from hell and to heaven be in.

You are created in God’s image and likeness,

Therefore celebrate your uniqueness,

Then when the world ignored how you look,

Remember, in His eyes you are not overlooked.

And when you feel like being left out,

And unfairness maybe is the word you want to shout,

I ask you to please listen to your heart,

Because in His heart that’s where you start.


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