My Love

You once smiled me from afar,

My heart rings like that guitar,

My eyes twinkled like that star.

At dawn you make me smile,

Early greeting was your style,

Admiration you kept for a while.

Then I knew you at hello,

Pursuing was sure thing slow,

Smart move that’s what I knew.

Three years passed by,

Your love grew higher as the sky,

Ladies envied me and sigh.

Your love is steadfast,

I never felt like an outcast,

And yes I want this to last.

When you prayed for me at night,

My yellowish teeth shines so bright,

Your commitment is simply so tight.

Your love is sacrificial,

I never felt it as artificial,

It flow seamlessly natural.

You are worth the wait,

It was not meant to be late,

It’s simply a love that’s great.

Your love is like Jesus love,

The best thing I ever have,

I’m full of love, there’s no such thing as starve.

I can’t match this kind of commitment,

Your love is awesomely a statement,

And everyone will say yes in agreement.


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