The Lord gave me another year as a gift and I could not help but rather thankful. I am thankful for the most peaceful year ever. A year when I don’t need to be who I am not. I year when I don’t need to please anyone. A year when my worth is not based on how many people I have visited. A year when the very being inside of me is celebrated and accepted. A year when my silence isn’t considered as a curse. A year of being able to smell the roses. A year when I can sit in the staircase of the office and have the book as my company. A year when I am being respected totally as a human being and not for what I do for them. A year of an answered prayer when silence and solitude was once a dream but never a luxury.

Then goes the greetings of those who remembered. There were messages out from a genuine heart but there were those that fish for acknowledgment. To those who greeted me out from a genuine heart did not demand for acknowledgment but for those who greeted me from a conditional heart make an issue for my failure to acknowledge what seemed to be their expression of care.

“As for me, anything genuine don’t need an acknowledgment for real friendship isn’t measured of whether you are acknowledged or not, it is being measured by how still connected you are both in the heart.”

Sometimes, we see ourselves as a major contributor in people’s lives that we begin to think of putting someone in our own congested box. And in our quest for control, we become so narrow minded taking everything personally without even bothering the reason why after all.

To remember someone you have not seen for a long time is a risk. You risk to be rejected. You risk to be ignored. Nevertheless, because someone is so dear to you, you let go of what seemed to be an ignorance because deep within you is a bubble of real care and remembrance which will naturally comes out from a contented heart.

“Therefore, if for a reason you will be offended when you tried to care and seemed ignored, then how about risking for your genuine care not to be felt, after all, it isn’t about what the other person is responding about you but it’s about your respond over what God has commanded you.”

Your greetings were all appreciated but if in essence you greeted to be considered as highly important, then you are, it’s just that in life, we can’t get everything that we wanted but we are totally equipped for everything we need.

Tossed for a bigger, better, brighter year.


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