For the longest time I heard the word mentor and I experienced the majority of lows than high’s. For one, those who had been given the privileged to mentor someone bring that title into their head and instead of guiding, training and teaching, they use their delegated authority in personally attacking their mentees. They showcase and highlight how genius they think they are and forced the newbies to magically become how great they think they are. I am totally amazed over how these people had been attacked too early with a sickness called amnesia and how fragmented their minds had become by forgetting how they started. On the process, they flipped and get used to mentors as tormentors thinking this too is cute as a label. And when the mentees get hurt and don’t want to look at them in the face, they called them sensitive, rebel, hard headed, proud, unteachable and more. Aren’t all these an abuse of power layered with verbal  and emotional abuse?

I went ahead and checked from the dictionary and see for myself the meaning of mentor and I found this, “An experienced person in a company, college, or school who trains and counsels new employees or students.”

Do mentors really have to hurt to train? Do they really have to hurt to counsel? Are their experiences and expertise a license to look down on people and put mentees to shame?

I thought about this and then thoughts began to rage in my limited mind. And on the process of thinking I began to learn the following: 1) Insecure mentors will put their mentees down so they will feel good about themselves. 2) Insecure mentors are always right and their mentees are always wrong. 3) Insecure mentors cannot be pleased because they always have something to prove.

So how are we going to work with them? Simple. If everything they said will just put you down, then don’t store their words and actions into your heart. Brush all the negative words given against you and paint a picture of the greatness of you.

The truth is this, “You are not who your mentors think you are, you are who God thinks you are.” That you have the ability. That you have what it takes, That you have the potential. That you are not dumb. That you have the worth. That you can make it.

“Know that when the forces of light are for you, no forces of darkness can triumph over you.”

Remember, you will always have insecure mentors assigned over you but you can rise above their negative labeling and be the best person God has called you to become.

Keep the faith.


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