Growing up where television was even a dream and actors local and international aren’t familiar nor seen, I only had one simple provincial dream, and that’s  to become a writer on a radio particularly DYHP. That radio has been our voice and the hosts and script writers became our invisible best friend. It’s still my favorite radio up until now and the drama series at night are what my father are looking forward to listen at night. All along I thought that the world is as small as our sitio and the dreams are limited up to radio.

But oh, how the world changed when I first sat my feet on a City called the Center of the Universe and that’s Cebu. I first saw what television looks like and see actors acting instead of closely listening from them dreaming that one day, you will not just hear them but see them as well. Then I began to admire actors, I remember Mikee Cojuangco as my first local celebrity that I saw admire because I found her so humble even when she’s rich and famous. Watching her inspired me and her Wednesday sitcom has been my favorite show. And the more you watch television, the more you admire other actors who are worth to emulate as well just like Lucy Torres Gomez, Toni Gonzaga and so much more.

Then the Lord brings me to the world that once unfamiliar, that of being a call center girl. A career I once thought as the easiest and money is the quickest to pick, only to find out that it’s too challenging. I thought that I pronounced the words well only to be hit on the head that my English is too Cebuano of an accent. Then here’s what I heard, they were saying, watch English movies so you will slowly get their accent.

I never watch English movies in my entire life nor admire an international celebrity but in my desire to learn I flip the internet and saw Anne Hathaway and bingo, she right away inspires me and catches my breath away.



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