A Glimpse Of My Two Faves

I am a magazine lover. When I say magazine, it has nothing to do with anything pornographic but it always points to actresses whom I admired and get inspiration from a distance. I thought for a while and really ponder over where and when this fondness came from and I remembered it all started in that one woody brown amazing room of my grandparents. I remembered being inside and saw my cousins stocks of magazines and there my fantasy and imagination works as I read their interviews written in a colorful but not glossy magazine, obviously, it was a long time ago. I saw their pretty faces and how they looked poised and behaved to be seen on pictures.

Fast forward, my faith brought me to my fate in the City called Cebu where I was totally enthralled over what I saw on television and yes the magazines are floating anywhere and everywhere in magazine stands. Oh, that’s my ultimate escape from reality, slipping away from the horrendous and the tiring task that’s daunting, I always went to a store in Colon where they have their magazines rented for P2.00/per hour. It started in reading magazines that I found what I want, who I admire and the love for fashion normally came out, “we will always be what we are reading at, right?”

After Mikee Cojuangco, when she slowly vanished from the scene and became a Jaworski, I was enamored to a beauty that sprawled straight from the province, a place so familiar, but oh how amazing when there is someone as lovely as her living in a place called Ormoc. Her name is Lucy Torres – Gomez and I was a fan since 1998. I couldn’t believe what I saw. I thought beautiful ladies as beautiful as her will be so mean like the feeler in our sitio but she makes me think otherwise. For the record, even my father likes it when I watched her in the Sweet Life before because he said he met them and they were so down to earth and could be an example to follow. I loved her all the more, when once I attended a Life In The Spirit Seminar and the lay minister said, “Lucy gave a big portion of her talent fee for the church.” I was so inspired and wanting to do the same. The truth was, I grew up having a mother died too early so I just knew that I was looking for a woman worth emulating. I thirst to be around nice people who knows how to deal with the high’s and lows in life. Well, for the record, I was surrounded with women growing up, but many of them were so mean and discriminating that you begin to have a silent wish of not to become like them when you grow up. On the process of being with these ladies, it makes me build high walls over myself to avoid getting hurt again and to learn how to fight for myselff to survive.

Then I saw someone so nice. who loves to pray, serene, and so beautiful. I remembered praying one time thanking Jesus for letting me see a glimpse of Lucy so I have someone as a model in life. Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that Jesus isn’t enough lest you come and accuse me again of idolatry. I am simply a girl who longs to see an example that is contrary to the women I saw be it at home, schoolEmily Blunt seen feeding the parking meter before heading to Byron & Tracey  hair Salon in Los Angeles, CA on Tuesday 092711 10968251_1555026931421550_7125816365436982662_n, office, and somewhere else.

On the other hand, in my quest to speak the English language in the English accent, after Ann Hathaway, I was so surprise to see that somewhere outside Philippines, there’s someone so beautiful and funny who looks like Lucy and she’s Emily Blunt. I was so excited to watch her and now I super like her.

“They say that, you are what you watch and with what I am seeing, I kinda like how it will make me become.”

And if you are asking, let me just say that I a fan of a local and an international look alike.


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