Think Big

I know it’s kinda weird and crazy at the same time if you see me almost whole day in cyberspace. And if you are a type A person, maybe you wanted to hit me in the head so I will basically wake up and see the world around me that seemed chaotic for having jeans for laundry, plates to wash, a little room to clean and here I am laughingly happy and yes laughing with Emily Blunt. And maybe you will scratch your head in disbelief that here’s to a woman who dreamed to have much and seemed to relax and work less. I understand but life is too beautiful to be in a hurry, produce less, and become mean like a witch to work with simply because you compare yourself too much with others who enjoyed life while you endured yours.

“And this is what I discovered. The reason why we become so uptight with life is because we submit our life to our very own control and when life slipped away and the result becomes out of control, we become so scattered and disoriented. Simply put it, we become the god of our finite self instead of submitting to Someone Infinite.”

In the middle of broken dreams, broken wishes, and broken aspirations, we tend to believe that life is over and the dreams that were planted in our hearts were maybe accidentally planted and aren’t meant for us. And so in desperation, the fight is on between the head and the heart. The mind seems logical, factual and real and the heart may seemed ambitious and illogical but isn’t it that what seemed to be illogical to the Apostle’s mind were all possible the moment Jesus started to act?

Remember when Jesus fed the five thousand with two fish and five loaves of bread?

“To the apostles, that was illogical but to Jesus that’s suppose to be normal.”

What am saying here? If we really say that we believe in the God who created the heavens and the earth then we must therefore be the first people who believe bigger than anybody else. But the truth is? The world thinks bigger while believers thinks smaller. The world takes risk while the believers play it safe. The world are so persistent while believers gives up. The world has faith while believers are scared.

Then we turned our religious clothes on and judge our life as equal to fate and that our life are what He wills to be and so be it. Yet then again, having a glimpse of how the wealthy lives, I heard them saying one thing, “Think Big.”

Could it be that our thinking limits the potential vastness of our future? Could it be that our thinking becomes too distorted because of broken hearts and broken dreams? Could it be that we give up too soon because of the numerous No’S and missed the single YES? Could it be that we judged the filthy rich instead of learning from their ways? Could it be that we have too much talks and work less?

Does that mean to say that there’s no hope for you and me? No. There is hope. What’s the secret?

“Start Thinking Big.”


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