So, You Think You Are In Love?

Have you ever been in a relationship and your mind just simply revolves around him or her? Have you tried suffocating the one you love in the name of love? Have you tried wanting your one true love to be so around you that your one true love is now gasping for breath? Have you tried not enjoying the world that you are suppose to enjoy because you become so comfortable in someone else’s world? I do and in my too much effort to control, I almost forgot that being in a relationship is not a license to forget the very reason why I exist here on earth.

On the process of thinking and reflecting, I realized the following:

1. Give each other space to grow. Togetherness does not mean to say being so clingy that we missed our individuality. Two different persons together can be so fruitful apart from each other but will be matured enough to share the glory when they are together.

2. Commit to Connect. The workplace can be so demanding and the competition becomes so stiff that in an effort to grow in our uniqueness, we sacrifice the one who stayed with us in the process. Work and the desire to reach beyond where we are is good but how will it benefit us when our one true is leaving us.

3. Do Something Productive. Sometimes, we rock our partner’s boat because we could not find something productive to do. Pray. Finish that scrapbook. Clean the house. Sell and earn. Join your cell group. Always find something worth doing and your joy of the moment will be naturally shared to your one true love.

4. Think Wisely. The relationship can be so beautiful but our wrong way of thinking can ruin it all. The one who loves us might be so into us but everything he or she said will only be in the trash bins when our thinking is rotten and we can’t see anything good in our partner because of too much familiarity.

5. Speak Wisely. Our words has the power over life and death. If we haven’t seen our partners kind of world then it isn’t fair to simply nag them according to what we feel. Take time to listen and get the verbal cues of what’s really going then speak objectively.

6. Pray. No matter how much cheesy one can get to each other and no matter how we let our feelings be felt, only God knows the dialogue in someone’s heart. Our one true may appear to be so into us but time will always tell over what’s going on in the heart and only the ONE who can see the heart can reveal the intricacies within.

So you think you are in love? That’s great! But love isn’t just a cheesy feeling as what you read in comics and magazines. It is a commitment. It is sticking into it even if your feelings declare, “I don’t like it any longer.”

Love Love Love.


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