Stop This Religiousity

I somewhat grew up to what I thought was perfectly perfect and I perfectly thought that what I was doing was absolutely perfect. For a total of sixteen years, I enjoyed tormenting and hurting people, making them believe that if they will not go to church, it is a synonym of a name written in the doorway of hell. I was made to believe that there is a perfect way to pray and that my prayer wasn’t enough. I was told that failure to listen to the man of God is the same way as missing God. I was motivated to follow out of fear and I was pointed to let me see an angry God. I condemned people in their very little mistake and I was too aggressive to point the people to a man and a wall that joined the people together on Sundays. Well, the more I was doing it, the angrier I became. I see people in the lens of religion as if telling them on the face that Jesus will leave them broken and alone when they are not in church. Please don’t get me wrong. I love church but I hate religion. And the to be honest, it is religion when you go to church feeling forced without any choice. I went out strongly told that I have to represent the institution instead of representing Christ. I was paid to stand up for religion and I became comfortable in acting perfect in a so imperfect state. I played my role so well by my anointing of judgment, crossing out the people from my list all in the name of religion. People cannot make mistakes. Lovers holding hands are right away labeled as having sex. Laughter is considered as talking behind the boss back. People’s honest no is considered as lukewarmness. Not bringing the tithes are people who are cursed. Saying your piece is an outright rebellion. To be a Christian is to say yes to the man of God all the time because the voice of the man of God is the voice of God. To hurt and correct people has been applauded but to give mercy is discouraged. I was living in the road of too much confusion and in the crossroads of saying my view in line with the Scripture but at the same time afraid that in talking it is automatically put me as a rebel. The more I condemned, the more people left. I wished they just left the church but I was so scared that my representation of Christ makes them doubt Christ.

The time comes when I started to just do what Jesus is saying in the Bible. When someone messed up, Jesus did not throw a stone, He loves. When people continue to resist His love, Jesus did not let the sun shines only to the quote and quote religious, He let the sun shines to all, Godly and wicked alike.

His presence heals and His goodness leads the people to repent. He was outright strong to the religious but He was genuinely kind to the lost.

How many people would have been going to church if we represented Jesus in the right way? Isn’t it a slap to the so called Christians when we go out and mingle people and we find more compassion from the people we easily judged as wicked? We see gays and judged them without listening to them. Hey? We see partners living in and we think to be so perfect telling them that they will be going to hell. How will they go to church if we see them in the lens of condemnation? We see the drunkards and the smokers and we feel to be too holy making them feel the worst sinners who don’t deserve to hear Jesus.

With all honesty, we are just like them and maybe because of our too much illusion of the word perfection, we are worst than them. We become too busy building our own reputations and so busy pointing the people to a church we think as the only best that we missed the most important thing, pointing the people to Jesus. We become so preoccupied of wanting to be the only best that we missed the real best, JESUS.

The Father isn’t bad. How can God be so bad when He choose to give His Son, Jesus. Jesus was never condemning, every person who come to Jesus has been healed and transformed. And guess what? He never leave us alone because when He went back to the Father, He gives us His Spirit.

If people will only have a real encounter of the goodness of Jesus, people will have no second thoughts but to simply repent without being forced. If Christian leaders aren’t blinded by power, money, and fame then many would have known Jesus and love Him.

Having worked in a challenging place, I could see hearts ready to know Jesus and many of them recognized Him too.

Why do they distanced from the people who claimed to be Christians? Because Christians packaged themselves to have known it all, and it is something they could not relate to.

I am not encouraging you to do what everybody else is doing. What I am simply saying is give people the genuine ears they deserve without judging them and labeling them as the worst because in essence you will never be happy if I will do that to you too.


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