Embrace the Season

“The easiest thing to do is to do the things that are easy to do.”

It is easy to love the lovable but it’s the hardest to love the unlovable. It is easy to be with the likable but it is a nightmare to be with the unlikable. It is easy to go somewhere to a place where it’s familiar but it is scary to book for a ticket and go to a strangest place and be with strangers. It is easy to perform on something that we already know instead of doing on something that we just know. It is easy to give to those who can return it back but it’s hard to give to those who can’t.

In life, what we planned may seemed to be the best and the perfect thing but with our limited vision, it’s best to be interfered with Someone who knows the end from the beginning. And since, for human sake, we love to do what we see as the easiest to avoid the pain and hassles as we go through the process, our journey led by our own desire to do what is easy will most of the time experienced over what we call as “Divine Intervention.”

That Divine Intervention maybe letting us work with someone we don’t like in the onset of our meeting but God has us in His best intentions. To resist the flow of His intervention will only result to hurting ourselves and instead of growing into a full bloom being, we lead ourselves back to round one and in the process go through the same resistance again.

To enjoy life is to embrace His season for growth in our life and growth isn’t easy, it’s always painful. Children who are growing did not right away grow up without getting knocked down when they first tried to walk. They fall countless times but they kept standing again until they can walk alone without the bruises and pains.

The good news is that, even if we know how to walk all by ourselves as we go through the process, our Great God keep His eyes on us, that when in the easiest road we happened to stumble, He will make sure that He will catch us before we are destroyed in an accident fall.

Les Brown in his online post said it this way:

“No test..no testimony. You cannot make lemonade with sugar alone..you must have some sour lemons. You cannot learn good horsemanship by riding a tame horse. The harder the battle the sweeter the victory. Regardless of what happens to you, never say you are having a bad day..say you are having a character building day. All things that you are going through are building your character. You are being shaped and designed for your greatness.”

Therefore, enjoy the journey and embrace your season.


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