God’s Grace & God’s Strength

It was on Tuesday afternoon when I was awaken from a beautiful sleep, that’s right after work that I receive a text from sister saying, “lola (grandma) might be going home to heaven way before tomorrow comes.” I decided to right away go home hoping that I will still see her alive. But as God’s time must have wills it, I was still in the pier processing for my ticket and I received another text again saying, “lola (grandma) just died.” Tears dropped out from my eyes. I wished I reached home to still see her breathing but relieved at the same time that she’s in the better place in paradise where there is no sickness and there will be no diabetes forever.

It was almost a frustrating night when I thought I could not make it for a boat home but thank you Jesus for Roble Shipping, where we were given seats to float with the Wonderful Stars. It was a hurry and fast paced night with my always supportive my love with me. Having no dinner, catching the ship, waiting for my love’s brother to pick up the motor bike, I could feel so many butterflies flying and circling inside my stomach but my heart had been so at peace, knowing that with Jesus everything will be alright.

At least five hours in the sturdy hard seat of the ship, my back hurt so much as I manage to catch for sleep but having my thoughts fixated of reaching home, it didn’t matter any more.

Then we arrived Ormoc and I was surprised over how beautiful it has now become after Yolanda hit that place. I can still remember how destroyed the place was when I went there to pick some friends. Our hunger was met by a hot “puto maya” and coffee blanca. We managed to walk while holding hands to the park and waited route home. I am so happy to simply see how peaceful Ormoc is. The atmosphere danced with the rhythm of Zumba and other form of exercises. The calm ocean greeted us along with the sunshine that beautifully smiles at us. The bus slowly run off from the park and meet us with another surprise. We were stranded in between Ormoc and Tabango because something’s wrong with the engine. I saw people murmuring with faces I can’t spell because like me, they too were in a hurry. To avoid grumbling, I picked up my make up and well put some blush on to my pale hungry look face.

Reaching Tabango, to a place where lola has been laid must be a place filled with so much grief. Yet, God’s grace gave me courage to smile. To make noise when it is suppose to be so silent. We were thankful to have been given a chance to at least contribute in our own little way. To be present and to simply be with the grieving. To stop crying among the many so there is going to be strength left for the weak. Although, we were sad to be there for only three hours, I am thankful to Jesus for the opportunity to be with my family who took care of me when I was still a child. Our hearts longed to be with them.

Having no sleep and having no rest but remains strong and composed all throughout, I was totally surprised over how I respond to life unexpected circumstances but one thing I am so certain, it’s all because of God’s Grace and God’s Strength. It has been a full meal life indeed. It was “painit” in Ormoc, lunch in Tabango, dinner at the pier route to Cebu, snacks at Lapu-lapu, and laundry at Labangon. In all of these, I never felt tired and I kept thanking Jesus under my breath.

Today is another day when I am suppose to wash these enormous mountains of clothes when the water stops falling. Truly, in life, it’s not about what we planned but what He plans. In all of these, I thank Jesus for giving me His Spirit as  my forever companion and for giving me a partner whose very presence speaks volume of support.

 So here’s what God wants me to do. Take my everyday, ordinary life, my sleeping, eating, going to work, and walking around life and place it before God as an offering. Embracing what God does for me is the best thing I can do for Him. Rom 12:1

So no matter what you are going through in life, no matter the twists and the turns, continue to trust that the God who is in control of everything has you in the palm of His hands. Therefore, relax and stay cool, calm, and collected.

Have a great day to all of you and praying for the best for all of you dear readers.


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