After all the household chores that has been over and done. The plates has been washed. The colored clothes has been dried. The stairway to papa’s classroom has been cleaned. The tables has been dusted. Another rice has been cooked. I just figured out that I needed a break and that I deserve a reward. Yeah. I have to have some motivation to keep me going before the next day will come when I have to fellowship with all the white clothes and wash them to my hearts delight.

I thought and barnuts popped up like pop corn on my head. I leaped with joy like a little child who will go to toy kingdom and has toys in mind. I got five of those blue barnuts and savor it like I won in The Voice and Starstruck. Oh, how as simple as barnuts makes me feel so rewarded.

Instead of whining and murmuring, life can be enjoyed at home. I can sing while washing the clothes. I can dance while dusting the tables. I can pray while I am washing the plates. I can dream while I am cooking the rice. And I can taste the barnuts while I am resting through blog.

Life is simple but we complicate it by over analyzes.. Life is beautiful but we think too much of how tomorrow will be that we failed to see what God is doing today. Life is a celebration but we mourn because we can’t be happy with what we have. Life is rich with vigorous health but it becomes poor because we see our physical  imperfections. Life is peaceful but it becomes chaotic because of too much negativity.

How about enjoying life? How about thanking Jesus for a day full of His love, favor, and mercy? How about rewarding ourselves with a job well done at home?

Well, it does not have to  be as expensive as luxurious bags carried by a celebrity. It can be barnuts. You can bite its sweetness and it’s naturally nutty yummy. A reward for a happy day, God’s wondrous gift for you and me.

So, if you are a homemaker? I salute you. Cheers for a job well done. And when you feel so tired? Take barnuts and enjoy the bite.

May you all enjoy the chores you have to do at home and may you find the pleasure of thanking Him that while others are searching for a place to live, you do not just have a house but a home to love and serve.


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