My Model Couples

Growing up, I saw more marriages being broken than marriages being strengthened. I saw wives being abused by the man they so love and I saw children growing up hurt and insecure. I witnessed wives and ladies bruised and scarred in the name of love. I saw teenagers even impregnated and left alone wondering how to one day raise a child. As a result, I grew up hating men. I saw men as users, players, abusive, scared to commit, manipulative, lustful, irresponsible and so many to mention. I watched how dysfunctional my own family is like and I’ve seen the labor and hard work my mother has went through.

  Nevertheless, what I saw did not stop me to pray for my one true love. Without anyone teaching me to pray for the person God has for me, I always mentioned my future husband to God.

“Lord, give me someone who is not a drunkard like my father, older than me, responsible, and tall. Let it be Lord that my first boyfriend will be my husband.”

 He did gave me the man. He is still a drunkard but not of wine but of the Holy Spirit. He is responsible and tall except that I am older than him but he is matured than I do.

But before meeting my man, I need a couple to be my model. I want to see that forever is possible and true love is going to last. Then in 1998, in my aunt’s television, I saw a beautiful woman married to a handsome man. I watched them. Followed them. And I admired them. He’s Richard Gomez and she’s Lucy Torres Gomez. I like how they love and respect each other and they still do until now.

But, how’s their marriage going to last without a pattern too? And so I searched and saw how strong the marriage of Manoling Torres and Julie Martinez Torres.

Showbiz? Yeah. But if all there is to get is a strong marriage that’s worth emulating then it really doesn’t matter if what I see are just glimpses of how the relationship flourish behind the scene.

As for my father, Lucy Torres Gomez is a good influence so it’s not a problem if I’ll watch her shows and buy her magazines.

11084653_699638456811325_18710555_n (1) baa3b568cMay, we all the desire to have a family that last and to be in a relationship we hold so fast. It can’t be done with two. It takes God in between. 


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