Today Called Beautiful

Hey. Did you ever experienced like waking up in the wrong side of the bed? That in every corner you can’t seem to help but get irritated and get mad? I do. Many times. People scratched me to death. Life in general sucks. There is nothing pretty. There is nothing to be admired. Everything is unfair. I was forced to work on something I don’t like to do. I was obligated to be the me that I am not. But that was water under the bridge now. When all there was of me was to get out proving my worth.

Today is different. Today is a product of my prayers long time ago. When I am given the opportunity to wake up without rushing to get back to work. When I can walk slowly and being able to see how beautiful the green trees are dancing in the rhythm of the wind. When I can breathe with the breeze that slowly touching my face making my hair flow in slow motion like we see in the movies. When I take a look in the rice bins and I don’t need to go and knock Papa Tony’s door to have  a handful of corn for all of us to eat. When I don’t have to take refuge under the shade of the banana leaves because I am about to faint out of hunger. When I am about to take a bath and Mr. Clean is no longer my shampoo. When I am about to walk and blessed enough to have a pair of beautiful and colorful sleepers that don’t have holes in it. When I have to check at my closet and see beautiful and colorful dresses and I don’t have to borrow from my cousin when I have to have an appointment to make. When I see my brother being so responsible as a father and loving as a husband and that his daughter wakes up and feel so love. When I chat with my sister and see that the good Lord has been so good to her in all ways and more. When I see my sister Liza, receiving the favor from the Lord, had been given the opportunity to make the wrongs right and has been set free from religion too. When I see my father no longer a drunkard but making amends to how he acted in the past. When I see my boyfriend growing in his career, slowly receiving the answers to his prayers and receiving favor from God and men. When I see my nephews and niece growing up no longer like we used to have. When I see my family in perfect health and beginning to enjoy life that was once taken away from them. When I am so connected to the heart of God and to be so assured that I am His forever love.

All these gives so much tranquility in my ones chaotic heart. All these are answers to my prayers thirty years ago.

As I was walking today, my heart smiles that radiates outwardly. It’s like the whole universe smiled back at me. The clouds of witnesses cheering me on. The angels in heaven claps in unison. The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit has been with me all along.

Today, I can’t help but thankful to the God I called when I was still a child and still the same God who hears me prayed, who see me cries, who laughs when I’m happy, my ever present God.

God is forever faithful and that’s what makes today called beautiful.

“And I will receive you; and I will be a Father to you; and you shall be my sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty. 2 Cor. 2:18”


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