My Dreams, His Dreams

When I was a child, I dreamed to finish college. I shared my dream and a concerned uncle genuinely said,

“why do you try to reach the stars when you can’t reach the stars?”

When I said, I will finish college one day, my teachers and classmates sigh in disbelief because the only thing they could see in me is I will be a “house help.” House helps are awesome if that is your only wish and if that is what God is saying that you need to do. They are valuable  in the sight of the Lord however, being a slave for a long time to relatives and to strangers, I did not see any value of me being the slave. I would love to serve but I have no dream of forever a slave. I valued and respect authorities but I hated unfairness and injustice. Going back, it’s always be

“he who has the gold rules.”

And guess what? It’s still the same rules applied in every home, church, and companies. If you have the money, you are right away the boss and you have the say whether you have the position or not. Anyone who has the money has the voice. The least can complain anytime and anywhere but their voices are silent with the silent majority who has the power to give the tips. The people who can afford can demand and to those who believe that life is as hard as it is obeys. After all, the easiest thing in life is to receive what has been perspired for by someone than toiling and follow the dream.

Joseph in the Bible was a dreamer and in his excitement he spoke his dream to his brothers and his very own dreams almost cost him his very life. By now, we would love to see how his life ended in the palace and how great his life has become as the second in command of Pharaoh but let us not forget too that he went through the pit, sold as a slave, imprisoned, forgotten, and tried. And take note, the people who discouraged him aren’t strangers, they are his brothers, people closest to him.

His life in general speaks volume of wisdom that

“when you have a dream, keep it to yourself, do it, and then live it.”

I will never forget when I finished college, I went home and secretly went to my uncle and showed him my diploma with so much boldness and said

“I reached the stars.”

That was pretty great but at the same time pretty stupid. The truth is, I can’t reach the stars without the help of God. I was just a mice at the carabao’s back.

It’s nice to dream but to dream angry and bitter is not a diploma, it’s a disaster. It isn’t success, it’s a tragedy. God’s dreams will end in lifting people up and not putting people down. 

Today, I am dreaming again. But today is a different day because I am ready to be intervened by the Most High God. My dreams may be so big for me to see but I am wise enough to know too that God sees the bigger picture. What I think to be so wise maybe foolishness in the wisdom of God.

We don’t need to be in the grandstand to be grandiose. We don’t need to be  in the center stage to be applauded. The world’s center stage can anytime be destroyed but the center stage for eternity is forever and is applauded by the Most High God. The fame on this earth is going to last for a minute but doing His Will is going to last for a lifetime.  The books written are going to be burned but His One Book is everlasting. Mansions on earth can be destroyed by calamities and fire but Jesus has a mansion prepared for us in heaven which can’t be destroyed by any works of the devil.

Dreams are for free but is your dream His Dreams for you? Is it worth the fight? Will it point the people back to Jesus? Everything that we toiled in may give us temporary comfort in this world but as we face God in heaven, we will not be seeing everything tangible that has been built. We will see souls who loves Jesus because we tell them about Him.

And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but are yourself lost or destroyed? Luke 9:25

Eternity. That’s An Eternal Cause. That’s His Dream. Is Your Dream In Line With His?


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