Give Me Jesus

I always love being alone away from the mobs, crowds, and phone rings. I guess, I am loving the fact that the phone is not with me because I can just sit down and have a great play with Jesus. Yesterday, as I was having my time with Jesus, I saw myself as a little child, smiling, having a high five with Jesus. I saw Him stopping down to reach me. I know many will say that it’s a great imagination but I’ll say it as a great treat because I have never enjoyed childhood and I did not remember having played with fun. I think, I thought like a 30 year old when I was eight and become a bitter instant mother to my brother and sisters and so to see myself having a high five with Jesus was pretty much awesome. I cried and cried and cried and cried and so thankful that my Lord Jesus Christ makes me enjoyed childhood just by being in His presence.

Yes, I may not have enjoyed the childhood games growing up but I will not trade the greatest treat, the greatest joy, and the greatest privilege to have Jesus, my Savior, my life, my love, and my best playmate.

Just give me Jesus.


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