Jonelo Taught Me How To Be A Christian

He did not preached to me. He lived it. He showed it. I’ve seen Jesus Christ in him. He did no say follow me, he just followed Jesus. He just smiled through the storms. He believed that Jesus will never fail. He gives and gives and in turn Jesus blesses Him. He sacrifices without question. Every time I am around him, I’ve seen the fruit of the Holy Spirit in him. He will keep quiet before driving and I know that he is praying. He is a great leader I’ve ever met in my entire life.

When I am preaching about the love of God, sometimes, I am so shy because I can only preach but my actions are still under renovation by the Holy Spirit but when I am preaching with him, I will just simply give the message and tell people to see how it works with Jonelo’s example.

Every day, I read the Bible and I will relay it to him and I’ll see how he is acting it and I just followed him as he followed Jesus Christ.

“I am totally convince that example is the best message. Show it. Talk less. Show More.”

I am so thankful to Jesus Christ for an example of faith I’ve seen in his life.


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