Many times, I always hear myself saying to people who are drowning in life like this:

“It’s okay, God is with you.”

 “Don’t be bitter. Something better will just come out of this.”

 “Break off from that relationship, there are so many men who are still wearing pants out there.”

 “Don’t worry, God will provide.”

 “You have to make a decision to love your enemies. God said that.”

 “You should not gossip, it’s not fair with the other person who is not around.”

 “You should love because love heals.”

“You should be mad at your father because after all he still your father.”

 “You should read your Bible consistently because missing it is like missing a meal, you will pass out.”

 “Why did you ever do that stupid stuff when you know the Word of God?”

 “You should have a Bible Study because that’s biblical and that’s Jesus example.”

 “Really, this is the last days. Look at these preachers preaching that is beyond what the Scripture is saying.”

 “You should never be late because it’s not Christian to be late.”

And the list goes on and on.

The truth is, it’s easier said than done. It’s easy to preach about it with the microphone. It’s very easy to post it on Facebook, tweet it on Twitter, and blog it on cyberspace. It’s very easy to make unsolicited advice and act like an expert of all things.

Because today as I am having lunch with my father, I have to seriously pray for the grace of God to wash over my heart. The grace of God to love the man that I grew up hating. The grace of God to face him eye to eye while conversing. The grace of God to answer him gently when my mouth wants to lash out. The grace of God to wash his clothes with a thankful heart. Right in front of me is a living illustration of putting Jesus Christ word to heart, “love the unlovable.” In front of me is an opportunity to have a long life if I will know how to honor him. The truth is, my father may not have an issue with me, it’s me who has an issue with him and that means loving him is a daily choice which can only be done by the grace of God. I am just so blessed to have a simple father who never reads my actions as disrespectful. A father who I believe who has a pure heart. A father who rescued me when they thought I already died at 6 years old because the waves carried me into the deep sea.

As I was chewing my food, I asked God, why is He allowing me to be with my father and I can just hear something like this, “so that I will know the condition of my heart.”

 What am I saying?

We will best understand the pains and struggles of other people by our personal victory in the Lord Jesus Christ and instead of just preaching to them, we can best listen to what they are feeling at the moment.

There are so many Christians that acts too self-righteous, who thinks they have all the answers but don’t have the substance to face life through when face with the same struggles that the people are going through.

One of them is me but by facing what has been exposed in my heart, I am on my way to my own victory in Jesus Christ too.


2 thoughts on “LISTEN

  1. You are so right – only when we live out what Jesus wants us to do will we have His peace. God will give you the grace to deal with life, with His plan for you. When Jesus calls us to do something incredibly uncomfortable, it can be frightening. We are tempted to let fear rule in our heart, controlling our mind. I will pray your mind will be full of life and that Jesus’ love will flow from your lips.
    Blessings, Amy

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