The rain pours. The atmosphere’s cold. The bed’s inviting.

And I personally feels tired and lethargic. I don’t wanna get up besides no one’s looking my To Do List anyway. I don’t feel like praying. I don’t feel like praying in tongues. I don’t feel buying food for breakfast. I don’t feel like washing the plates. I don’t feel like eating breakfast. I don’t feel like cleaning the house. I don’t feel like writing for the blog. I don’t feel like reading the Bible besides no one’s checking on it. I don’t feel like brushing my teeth as I woke up, besides I am just staying at home. I don’t feel like doing the push ups. I don’t feel like following my 21-Day Challenge. I don’t feel like thanking God for my dreams and goals. I don’t feel like doing anything.I just wanna give up and be like anybody else.

Everything I feel is simply to get back to sleep or just stay in bed doing nothing. But I know from experience that feelings lies and anything done out from feelings will not get me anywhere. Following my feelings will just make me regret at the end of the day and all these are just pure deception by satan. Satan knows that when I wake up and praises God that I torment him back to hell and so he tries to convince me to do something totally different and something totally enticing. Bed is inviting when it’s too cold early in the morning. But satan is a liar. His voices are lies.

So I get up and speak the verses over me. I speak to my dreams and goals. I prayed for all the prayer request I have on my list. I read my Bible. I prayed in tongues. I wash the plates. I buy food and medicine for my father. I do the push up for myself. I do almost everything I put on my list and I am just so fulfilled on the inside.

Thank you Jesus. His grace has been sufficient over me and His power has been made perfect in my weakness.

So how about you?

Do you feel like quitting the habits that will lead you to your success?

Do you feel like following your feelings the most?

Then that’s the sign that you are the doing the right thing and satan wants you to give up.

Isaiah 60:1

ARISE (from the depression and prostration in which circumstances have kept you – rise to a new life)! Shine (be radiant with the Glory of the Lord) for your light has come and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you. (AMP)

So, arise from your feelings that will snatch you away from the dreams that God has placed in your heart.


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