Sometimes, religious talks becomes a factor over why people don’t want to have a relationship with Jesus Christ. Or, believers for that matter becomes a hindrance of people’s resistance in following Jesus Christ. You know why?

Because we right away bring the babes into our level of knowledge but we can’t bring them into our level of obedience.

We are trained more on how to indoctrinate the new people who express their desires to know Jesus Christ intimately and the result is: “people are willing but they are scared.”

Leaders are bold to right away say the following but are even inconsistent themselves:

You should read your Bible.

 You should pray.

 You should speak in tongues.

 You should be in the Bible Study.

 You should not be late because it’s a sign of spiritual sickness.

 You should be water baptized because that’s your first step of obedience to Jesus Christ.

 You should be in church regularly.

 You should be in the discipleship meeting.

 And so on and so forth.

I am not saying that these are wrongs but the first timers who hears these are overwhelmed and goes off vomiting. Information overload and process denied. The light has shined on them but to be conscious of that light, they have to be taught. At times, it’s not what we say that’s powerful, it’s what we do that they will see which will have an impact in their lives. Or worst, they catch our hypocrite spirit. We tell the people to read the Bible consistently but we feel the ouch on the inside of us because we make imaging as our habit instead of having a deep personal integrity. Feeling condemned? Common. Please don’t. I was exactly that person 14 years ago.

Guess what? Jesus Christ isn’t hard to follow. He invited all of us to belong to Him just as we are.

Drug addict?









Living In?

 I don’t know. Whatever it is. Jesus Christ is inviting you and me to belong to Him.

Romans 1:6 says, and this includes you, called of Jesus Christ and invited (as you are) to belong to Him. (AMP)

 You know why? Because in His presence we are assured of His love and His love heals. It heals us from our anger. It heals us from our insecurity. It heals us from our past hurts and pains. It frees us from addiction. It frees us from torment from people and from the devil. It heals us from sicknesses and diseases. It gives us wisdom to see between right from wrong. It releases us to the potential that He has set in our hearts even when we were still in our mother’s womb.

It takes sometimes a year or more to be conscious of our identity in Jesus Christ.

People don’t need religion to be set free. People need a genuine encounter of the power and the resurrection of Jesus Christ to be totally healed and whole.

What people need is not a motto to say, but a model to see according to John Maxwell and to do it is hard if we don’t rely on the grace of God.

Have a great day to all of you and come to Jesus Christ just as you are.


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