God Answers Prayers

Last February, I had a surprised in my life when I met Venessa in one of the BPO’s in Cebu. I never expect that she be the first person whom I will see as soon as I opened the HR door. Funny. In an unexpected place, in which you want to forget where you were coming from, I met someone that in some point will remind me in what I previously does. I hugged her. Finally got her number. Got the guts to invite her back to church. I texted her but no response. I met her at work and all I got was her beautiful smile. Finally, it dawned on me. How about if I will pray for her. So on March 25, 2015, I began to write down her name and thank God that one day, she will fellowship with me. My mentor Terri Savelle Foy said that I don’t need to spend five hours in prayer and that five minutes will, do it everyday because consistency is the key to change. So that’s what I do. Everyday I just said, thank you God that Venessa will fellowship with me. One month and nothing happens. Two months and I have not heard from her. Three months and there’s nothing. Finally on the first week of July, I received a message and it’s from Venessa expressing her desire to come to church with me. God is faithful. He sees my consistency. He honors my diligence in seeking Him. And guess what, July 5, 2015, at 5pm, Venessa, me, and Jonelo were seated together at Living Word Banawa listening on the message of Pastor Mel Caparos about the Introduction on the Book Of Philppians were we are commanded to rejoice in the Lord. God is awesome and He answers prayers.

Are you praying for something? Don’t be discouraged when there seems to have no answers. Just keep praying. He will answer. He has time. It will come to pass.

Here’s Venessa, an answered prayer



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