Appreciate God’s Love

I am just sitting right here in my mini table made by my father and so many thoughts were raging all over me. Thoughts of love to people that matter. Dreams and goals right in front of me. Reflections of nice words spoken over me. Deep thoughts on love and love unappreciated. And it just makes me wonder and wander.

Today, a friend back reached out to me and because she was of the past, I appreciated how her act of kindness has been randomly shown but on the other hand, I am cautious knowing that something hidden must be up ahead and so instead of being too open, I casually give thanks and respectfully appreciate hoping fully well that she may not reach me out again.

And so it dawn on me that God in His nature of love must be pursuing us everyday, reaching us out, in the motive of wanting to make His presence felt. He wants us to know that He knows our pains, our hidden hurts, our failures, our mistakes, our discouragements and He come with the joy to help. Yet then again, sometimes, in our pursuit of proving that we can face life by our strength, we ignore the genuine act of God and tell Him outright that yeah God you are out there but thanks I can manage.

It must have pain the heart of God but the good news about God is that He knows every thought in our hearts more than what are mouth is saying. And because He does, even though our ignorance of His presence pains Him, He keeps pursuing. He keeps reaching. He keeps loving. He isn’t offended when His love has been rejected. He isn’t hurt when we don’t appreciate His kindness because He loves us not to be appreciated but simply because that’s Him, a gentle and loving God.

Maybe you had been reaching out to someone and in that pursuit, your genuine motive of care has been rejected and has been taken for granted, don’t be offended. Just keep loving. Just keep reaching. Just keep praying.

Or maybe you had been reached out by God through someone else, maybe through His Word, the sermons, or whatever it maybe that leaps your inner you out of you and then you just ignore God because you had been offended by Him. I understand. He does all the more. But know that your resistance won’t stop God from loving you because He knows that there’s no one who can help you best than Him. He sees your pain. He sees your hurt. He sees your anger. He sees your darkness. He sees your struggles. He sees the hardest times. He is taking notice and He will willingly help even if He is ignored. You know why? Because that’s just Him.

If you are going through the hardest and you feel the weakest and in every corner is the darkest, know that God is the God of breaking through and your breakthrough isn’t because you are strong as you, it is because He was in the all corners of you helping you.


God loves you so much. May you take time to thank Him.

Have a great day.


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