Run Your Race

I just texted someone with my promise that I’ll help but for some reason I got the reply not outright but in some other form. I replied with my sincerity to help but the person was just so overwhelm with what God has been doing which is good and her answer could be read as thank you very much for your help but I am not interested. Well, I was a little bit irritated on the inside but a thought came right in front of me, RUN YOUR RACE.

Correct. The one I extended my help has been running her race and God helped her to run it well, so why force the issue and get in? God can best help more than I do. It makes sense.

We have our own assignment to finish and time is ticking so fast that we don’t have enough time to waste.

So I made up my mind and makes the decision that instead of wasting my energy for someone else who isn’t interested with my inch of help, how about if I will look on the inside of me, listen to the still small voice and then Run With It.

My race is my responsibility before God and others race are their responsibility before God too.

So here I am thinking, praying, and is continuing the race God has seen for me.


What about you?

Do you have a race to run?

Then with God’s help..

Run Your Race


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