Be You

I am starting a habit of watching faith filled messages everyday and everyday my faith tank overflows. My confessions change from it is impossible to possible, from the I can’t to the I can in Jesus name, from getting sick to getting healed, and so many other breakthroughs that God has been breaking through. My life slowly progressed from not knowing what to do to slowly seeing the light of what I am supposed to do. The 21 day challenged has been over and yeah I am still doing what I started since day 1 of the challenged but this week has been a trying tested week for me. Aside from being challenged with the challenges that my sisters are facing and that’s another breaking through story to write and proclaim the ever surpassing greatness of God, I too is personally challenged within me.

As I am watching these men and women of God declaring His faithfulness, I feel the sense of being so overwhelmed and pressured. I am pressured that what I maybe saying to a friend about “Arise” may not come right on the expected date. I see the tiny little bitty me and I am literally tiny, seeing thid vision that’s huge right in front of me and I don’t even have the opportunity of even starting a tiny piece of this dream. I am pressured that I may not become the people whom I am watching and that my life might just be in this room feeling and looking useless and life isn’t going to measure up with whatever people are expecting from me.

Think about this. I am a License Teacher by profession, honor student, labeled as smart woman by everyone I see, and yet I am in my house cleaning, washing plates, cooking, writing, praying, reading, and not earning. I feel like I don’t measure up. Am I going to get there? I don’t know how to start and the thoughts started to come right in like it is going to wash me out and then gone. Maybe you are going to tell me, then get up and apply to teach. That’s easier but teaching subjects aren’t my cup of tea. I am called and set apart to do something beyond the temporal and to be doing it alone daily has been because of the grace of God. Imagine waking up and breaking through with all these negative confessing people around you. That takes God to stay on course but He did it for me and I am just totally blessed with God’s anointing of ease.
As I continued to watch these modern day heroes of faith, a still small voice  interrupted me and said, “You are not called to do what others does. You are called to be you. You don’t need to be in front to vouch my calling. You have already started. Put down the roots so something is going to bear fruit.”

In other words, Metchili, you can’t have it all together overnight but if you stick with it, you’ll get there. You can’t be a preacher without a message being prepared. You can’t have a testimony in prayer without passing the private tests. You can’t sell books without writing little by little. You can’t be in front without being whole behind the scenes. Just keep being the real you in an audience of One because once you are out in front, the world isn’t compassionate enough to cuddle you in your brokennes, rather the world is going to hit you up and down, left and right, and what’s taking place behind the scene is going to be what strengthens you as God launched you into His very calling for you.

Oh my goodness. Everything I heard ministers to me that I get up blessed. Blessed in the knowledge that I don’t have to measure up on the measuring standard of this world. Blessed in knowing that I am  right where I am suppose to be. Blessed in having the opportunity to just stay in the presence of God without interruptions. Blessed to have been given the privilege of pursuing His very plans in my life. Blessed that the One who created the Universe takes notice of me and what seemed to be nonsense has sense in it.

How about you? Did you ever feel like being in a rut and you don’t measure up? Did you ever felt being pressured because others seemed to have a life and you don’t?

Can I give you a good news? You have your own life run the way God intended it to be. It is going to be too different from someone you so admire. It is going to be a journey that you alone can do as you partner with God. As Terri Savelle Foy said, it is God’s Tailor Made Plan for you. God has His own measurement that fits to only you because when He is going to use the measurement of others for you, it’s not going to fit you. He delights seeing you to be the you that He created you to be.

Therefore, don’t be discouraged when others seemed to be far away from you with regards to their accomplishments because at the end of your life, you are only going to stand before God and make an accounting to the very thing that He asks you to do.

Keep doing the very thing that will lead you to your assignment and do it in the signature style of you.

Have a great day and may the peace of God rests in your heart as you continue to be the best you.



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