Thank You Mentor Terri

One fine afternoon after watching Pastor Andrew Wommack from a borrowed Ipad, I happened to see a link of Jerry Savelle Ministries International. I did not know anything about it and I was curious of the woman behind Pastor Jerry. I thought, he must have a very young beautiful wife and in my curiosity I clicked it and heard for the very first time Pastor Jerry and the lady like Terri who happened to be the daughter. I slapped my face twice for having thought that way but Pastor Jerry’s message of “How To Get In The Position To Receive” spoke to my heart that I listened into it everyday. And in watching him, I’m also drawn towards his daughter Terri and in my curiosity, I googled her name and what a great blessing when I found her constant podcast delivered weekly. Since then, I listened to her everyday except when the ipad and tab has been taken away from me. Oh that was the saddest moment in my life. When I want to hear from someone I could relate with and began to have a separation anxiety. Every time I got a chance, I went to the internet cafe, bring my notebook and pen and take down notes. I read it when I’m at home, while in the jeepney, while eating my lunch, wherever I got the chance to read. When she went through transition in the ministry, I went into transition as well and as I watched and listened to her as I went through it, I was strengthened on the inside of me. If she can do it then I can do it as well because God is not a respecter of persons.

This year has been a year of transition for me. I woke up one fine day without any direction, having no vision and all I wanted to do is to die. As in die. I am like groping in the dark not really knowing what to do. My routine has been distracted and I was lost in a huge space. In my desperation, I listened to Terri again and told God that if I am still lost then how about if I will just do what Terri do. I picked up my little notebook and pen
and established a routine. I just followed what she was doing, waking up the same time of the day, speaking to the dreams and goals that I feel God has been putting in my heart, stretch even when I want to sleep and the spirit of discipline just slowly stick with me. I began to have a life again. The future becomes brighter. My relationship with the Lord is getting stronger and digging in your heels attitude is slowly forming in my life. My blog that I put aside for a long time is now back and my daily devotion is now consistent. As Terri puts it this way, consistency is the key to change.

I’ve got Terri’s picture on my tab so that when I am discouraged and wanting to quit, I have to show to the demons in hell that if God made it for Terri, God will make it for me. God’s favor isn’t because she is Jerry Savelle’s daughter but it’s because she is God’s daughter just like I do.

It’s just so amazing over how in the pursuit of God’s great desire to make sure that I will begin what He placed in my heart, He brings people into my life from a far away land, someone I could not get a chance to talk face to face but someone I could relate so well, who speaks to me in that gentle voice in such a light hearted ways but propels me to make a stand and start with a sword in my hand.

Thank you mentor Terri Savelle Foy for speaking into my heart, for taking the courage to stand in the call God has for you, for being brave enough to share your stories, for being so generous with your podcast which I can download for free, and for being the best you so someone like me could be the best me for the Glory of God.

Know that someone in the Philippines, a land of many dreams is praying for you. I just don’t want to see you in heaven. See you one day while we are still living and may we will be preaching together.

I thank the Lord Jesus Christ for you.



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