Believe Consistently

Guess what? I made the 21 Days challenge of breaking the old habit and making a new one. Thank you Jesus. How can I ever make it without your sufficient grace. So, what’s next? I am really wired to rise above every project and slowly, the momentum’s gone. But on the other hand, I see the fruits of a consistent prayer. I see discipline being formed. I see my faith being built up as I listened to faith building messages daily. I see confidence in me which I did not see before, confidence in the God my Savior.

I looked at my notebook staring right in front of me. A sacred notebook of trust to the One who loves me, my sweet Jesus. I opened it and saw prayers answered and there are those that face me screaming, encouraging me not to give up and please keep believing because I am about to be born. The answered prayers inspired me to keep believing because the moment I prayed, God hears and the answers are on the way.

The routine of waking up early and entering into the Secret Place daily makes sense. And as I laid my hands to this notebook of requests, there is something burn in my heart and that is to consistently believe until I’ll have the answer right in front of me and from the people whose requests are written in these sacred sheets.  Believe even when there seems to be silence. Believe even when answers are not lined up to my time table. Believe even when in the natural everyone’s yelling the impossible. Believe even when I am the only one left believing. Believe in the midst of negative people. Why? Because God is still on the throne and His decisions aren’t influenced by what people are saying about me but His Word says He is pleased watching anyone who has faith. I am without a  shadow of a doubt convinced that as I believe in His power and in His ability to do the supernatural, then He is pleased with me.

Thank you God for the greatest privilege of being able to enter in Your throne of grace. To hear Your still small voice and to see firsthand the manifestations of Your Glory and of Your Power.

May all of you may enter into His Throne of Grace confident that Our Papa God is not shutting His ears but opening it to you so wide without condemning you but instead He has a heart of compassion and He will surely answer you.

Have a great day everyone.


Thank you for the answers to my prayers.


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