Fill Your Own Shoes

So after I got my guts spilling out in boldness that there’s only one you, I was again driven to these grandiouse pictures that looked perfectly perfect and my energy has been given to all the tab radiation of flipping the pictures of the ohhhs and ahhhs of women who achieved so much in life and my adoration after adoration goes all like worship. I poked my head to eventually wake up that too much on pictures deceived me into thinking that these people I admired lived a perfect life. I know in my head that there’s no such thing as perfect except my position in CHRIST but this addiction has been with me far too long that it needs the renewing of my mind through the Word and the washing of the blood so it is going to be uprooted for life.

As I am in my cute desk having the pictures of my family in front of me, the Holy Spirit reminded me of where and when did this idolatry started from.

It reminded me way back on my 5th grade when I had a very beautiful, slim, pointed nose, nice penmanship, tall, and ever so beautiful teacher named Mam Esther. Oh how I always stared at her and silently complaining why I am not as tall, and as beautiful as her. While everyone exclaimed and praised her natural beauty, I also heared of people’s disgust over how I look, how short I am, how totally ugly I am and the future seemed so far away from me. In response, I do well in school just so there will be something to balance to my ever ugliness as my classmates and teachers used to say, but by being the number one in school, I became the envy of many and I was surprised that people wants my brain. My security lies with how smart I thought I was that it disappointed me when I’m not the number one in class and yeah even when I started working.

So today, I just happen to read one of Rica Peralejo Bonifacio’s post about filling just my own shoes. I am definitely surprised that I opened the blog with a picture in it when the internet connection is too slow but I was so sure that it speaks to me in a way that I will listen. Yeah, I was right too in my head that as soon as I read it, I will not be able to open the rests of her posts as fast as the first one.

Life is going to be so comfortable having my own shoes to fill and just because what others are doing seemed grandious does not mean to say that what I am doing doesn’t matter.

So very early today I got my lesson from my Precious Partner the Holy Spirit, obviously from Jesus and that’s FILL YOUR OWN SHOES.
Be you.

God bless you


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