The Simple Little Things That Matter

I tried living in a huge house and woke up fearful because the couple shouted at each other. The atmosphere drives everyone crazy and the huge house, no matter how structurally beautiful isn’t beautiful at all.

I tried holding a huge amount of money, in fact not just holding it but being able to spend it for my personal pleasures, I got what I thought will make me happy but it’s not giving me the satisfaction at all.

I tried being the number one, performing until my joints ache and after the 5 minutes fame, handshakes, and congratulations, I went back to desk depressed because I am just the only one left after all.

I tried driving a car big and small but my irritable heart goes anywhere I go, the irritations continue and there’s no peace all in all.

Then I gave a child a used pair of slippers, he thanked me from his inner core and right in a house far too different from mansions build in hills, I found the deepest joy.

I handed the lowly kids some pandesal, they thankfully took it with joy and when I saw them eating those in the shade having the rock as their stool, I found the greatest joy.

I saw my family, happily gliding in the midst of pressures, hardships, and troubles, victoriously facing life with so much hope in the horizon, and I tasted the warmth of joy.

My my love just went back and surprised me with a purple umbrella because the rain started to pour then I begin to finally say, that the ultimate joy isn’t in the huge tangible things I hold but it’s in the continuous outpouring of love meant to melt my heart from my One True God.

Sometimes, we look too far ahead and get hurt because we thought we are at a loss in life because others seemed to enjoy life while we aren’t. The truth is, they may carry it too well but the greatest pleasure is in the purity of thought that in one way or another, we are never out from the mind of the One who first created us.

So today, even in the greatness of what I see as things, I still find joy in the laughter of my sister, in the kindness of my sister in law and brother in laws, in the concern of my boyfriend, in the stare of our dog Kyle who is sick right now (please pray for my friend), in the crows of the roosters, in the dance of the green trees, and in His still small voice that constantly gives me peace and joy.



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