Arise And Simplify

Life now has become very complicated. We have to think what kind of coffee we have to drink because there are so many choices and every brand offers a life changing taste experience. We have to ponder a thousand times what we wear because the closet has full grown to the seams and even raiding it makes us paranoid. We have to carefully consider what gadgets to buy because right after we bought what we consider as the latest, what we just acquire become an outright obsolete because another comes up with better features, yeah far better than what we just purchased. Then there’s the Bible. We sometimes have to argue with others over what’s the best translation. We have so many formulas of what it is to have a relationship with God. We have to be an usher in the church to get the attention of God. We have to be part of a 12 because that’s the only thing that works. We have to write our devotion their way because that’s the best way of hearing God. And on and on and on. 

Martha opened her home to Jesus, leave Jesus in the couch, went straight to her kitchen and prepare the food to be served for Jesus. Then while she was preparing the food, she just realized that her sister did not follow her and assist her. She was irritated, anxious, troubled, and upset that she can’t help herself, went out from the kitchen and went directly to Jesus to get His attention. Like, Lord, I am very busy for you but look what my sister is doing, she just sat down there doing nothing! Let her stand up and assist me because there’s still so many things to do for you. (Luke 10:38-40). Then Jesus said, Martha, Martha, you are worried and upset about many things, but few things are needed – or indeed only one. Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her (Luke 10:41-41, NIV).

We are like that too. We rise up and check our clothes then we can’t find any and we become irritable because  hey, I am serving Jesus as an usher. Or we could be having our devotion and we don’t feel like taking down notes because we just like to underline our Bible and we are condemned because we are told to do devotional in a certain way. As if we can’t hear from God because we have our own style.

Hey friends. Arise and simplify your life. There’s only One thing that is needed. That is to spend time with Jesus. Just spend time with Him in a way that is at peace with you. You can go to your guest bedroom and spend time with Him. You can do laundry and talk to Him. You can be in your bedroom kneeling and tell Him your hearts. You can read your Bible and underline it because it speaks to your heart. You can be in your car and talk to Him there. It’s relationship. It’s not ritual to get His attention. It’s not an effort to get His love. You are already loved.

The bottom line is Jesus. Because honestly, we can look religious and impress people with our religiousity but miss Him and as a result, we become so irritable for Jesus when the truth is, Jesus presence affects us on the inside which in return radiates outward.

Have a great day.


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