Arise And Enjoy The Moment

We all have dreams. We all have goals in life. We all have aspirations of what life would look like five years from now. We even imagine how it’s going to be and if we are not careful, we become so obssessed of the future that we missed His spot on provisions, His love without condition,  and His on time proclamation. We become pre-occupied of the life coming attractions that we forget to savor the everyday God moments. We neglect to relish a soul that has been reconciled back to God because we want the million of souls that we see at the back of our minds. We disregard God’s provision of today because we are so into millions in our bank account. We overlook the love of our family and friends because the only definition of love we have is to be married to the man we want. We fail to see the blessing of being able to live in our one of a kind home because we are caught up desiring to be one day living in the villages of the fame and famous. We lose sight of our uniqueness and overlook our creativity of being a significant part of the body of Christ because we become so enamored of the stand out talents of others many of which are magnified through social media. And as a result, we wake up each day feeling short changed and insecure looking up to heaven and begin thinking, God is unfair. We become so irritable and so uptight because something great is happening to others and we stare at ourselves and baffled with the thought that nothing is actually taking place. And so others are enjoying the journey into fulfilling their destiny while some of us are sulking in inner anger and in inner dissatisfaction. 

Could it be that we become enslave of trying to control the outcome of our lives? Could it be that we take it in our hands to chart our destiny? Could it be that we pick up somebody else assignment because they seem to enjoy where they are going? Could it be that over analyze things?

Regardless of where you are and what’s going on in your life, the truth is, if you have Jesus Christ as your Lord, then you have everything. Jesus Christ gives you access to the Father and that makes you the son or the daughter of God. Jesus Christ died for you on the cross and that when you make Him your Lord, you are set free from sin and death, which means you will have eternal life in heaven and a fulfilling life here on earth . Jesus Christ did not leave you an orphan that when He ascended to heaven, He gave you the best gift, the Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ is above every name that when you are sick, that sickness will bow in the name of Jesus. Jesus Christ laid His life for you because He loves you beyond your messes and that means you have a full love life going without conditions.

Arise today my friends and savor this moment. Savor His grace. Trust that He is working on the inside of you today so that you can handle your assignments well in the time to come. Trust that He is working in the privacy of your life so that you can manage the platform of your public life.


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