Did you ever felt disappointed? Like you expect something to happen on a certain time because on the next remaining hours, it’s not going to connect as high as it is now? I do. Just right now.

I heard the alarm clock, I get up and check the internet connection. It was connected yesterday at this time, but VIOLA, NO CONNECTION. This is the only time that I can download messages and this is the last load and guess what? I wake up disappointed.¬† I would like to do something stupid early in the morning. I would like to go down and give someone my piece. Like you sincerely promise to do something but you aren’t affected because it’s not that important to you. Hello.

But when I go and check my heart, I guess relationship connection is primarily more important than this. People is still more valuable than something that can’t go to heaven with me.

My heart is at peace. It’s still praying for connection though but I guess by now, I should be old enough to learn that disappointment is a result of putting my trust on people than Jesus. People will fail. People will not be 100% perfect and they should not be living in the mercy of my expectations.¬†¬†¬† They will stumble and fall but it doesn’t mean that they have to tip toe in my presence. It used to be in the past but hey, what would¬† my life be if everytime I make mistakes Jesus will give me a look of disappointment because here I am gain, I can’t really measure up. He never let me feel that way so  I guess I have no right to make people miserable too because I am having bratty tantrum drama. As I am saying these things, the internet suddenly got connected while I’ve learned valuable lesson that I can carry for life.


Thank you for changing my life.

 Psalms 20:7 Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the LORD our God. NIV


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