Fresh Start

The social media is wonderful when used for the glory of God and a disastrous when used to pour out emotions. First, it can’t read what’s going on with our hearts. Second, we gain symphatizers who becomes so into us without knowing the whole story. Before we know it, a simple misunderstanding becomes a scandal, the crowd bought it and we become famous for a negative publicity. If it’s on the headline, it might read, A Follower Of Jesus Leads The Chaos. Yahoo. And worst, the people whom we label as unbelievers becomes the mediator for peace. Huh? We tell them to be the children of darkness and yet they stand in the gap in the name of peace? And we are confident to call ourselves the children of LIGHT but we initiated the riot. Where? In social media.

I always wonder why can we not talk to the person concern? If we can’t then why can we not pour it out to the Father in the name of Jesus? I mean, Jesus provided us access to the Father. That’s just goes to show that we are standing in the name of rituals and religion. The shaky the foundation of our life is, the quiveering our confession and the way we live and conduct our lives will become.

Guilty? Feeling ouch? Like you wanna blurt out and say, who do I think I am? Common. Chill. I was exactly like that woman. I was breathing and living in religion that when life gives a blow, I was knockdown on the first round. I wish I did not go to one person and vomitted my heart out. I wish I knew that Jesus is the Rock of my salvation in whom I stand. I wish I was not a spiritual police woman who was so delighted to go home when I have plenty of catch. I wish I read my Bible daily and hear from God. I didn’t. The only voice I knew was the voice of the spiritual authority who boldly say that the voice of the man of God is the voice of God. If you disobey the man of God, you disobey God. That’s scary. Why would I disobey God? Innocent? Or simply fearful and wants the approval of men?

What am I saying? When we join in religion, social media is a platform of a put on righteousness. Our messages seemed perfectly the best for outreaches and Bible studies but when we take a look upon ourselves, we then realized that we are groping in the dark, not knowing who we really are and to whom we really stand. We put on the most polished sermons on Sundays and when we go home, we maltreated our househelp, dishonor our parents, and hated our spouse.

As a blogger, I am accountable to every word that I write. Yes, I am guilty of writing out of my emotions in the past. I am guilty of hiding behind a blog just to spill the hidden dirts of my heart but thank Jesus for His redemption. It’s where I can have the freedom to have a fresh start.

I write in all honesty just to tell you that my humanity isn’t different from your humanity and that we can all have a fresh start as we are truly in real relationship with Jesus Christ.

Start afresh and anew in His redemptive power and love.

Have a great day.


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