It rained so hard. The sound is too cute and too wonderful to savor.


Then rain overflows. The more it comes so hard. It naturally spills over.


It hits the dry stairway to heaven (hahaha). It cleanses the dirty path. It’s now white as snow that my father don’t have to go down to clean it himself.


Then when it’s all clean, the sun rises brightly up in the sky, breaking every darkness.


Then it shines all the more signaling that it’s now safe to thread on.

In life, we need the heavy outpouring of His presence to cleanse every dirt and stains that has been kept in the darkest corner. His washing through His Word, removes all the dirt that when the people interact with us, it’s no longer the stained, broke, and hypocrite us, it’s the new us, not by our own effort but because the heavy effect of His Presence and His Word. And in effect, we can shine brighter than ever before.


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