Beautiful And Colorful

The world is chaotic. There’s bad news all around us. Deception happens here and there. Betrayal is now being rejoiced. Murder. Rape. We will just turn on the tv and we will find all the worst things all around us. Gosh. It’s like the whole world is reigned by the evil one. I agree. But there’s beauty all around us if we will just look around. Just take a glance of the following.


That flower pot stands out. The colors of the leaves are majestic. Who can even create it. God. He place us in the middle of so mny things beautiful.


How about the colorful leaves in the boring blocks? Isn’t it bland without the leaves? God’s design is surpassingly great than any architect on earth.


Then the orchids. Oh the flowers smiles gently each day maybe giving a whisper of take care to the passersby. 


And look at the flower. It is beamingly saying that everything is going to be okay. The storms are just temporary.

There’s beauty in the midst of anything ugly. We just have to take time to appreciate it.

Even with our life. We may keep complaining about what others have that we neglect what God has given us today. We still have two eyes to see. Mouth to speak. Ears to listen. Hands to touch. Feet to walk. Heart that normally beats. And on and on and on. God made life beautiful for us but we complicate it a lot by keeping with the Joneses.

Give God thanks.


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