Trust God

When I resigned from one of the religious organizations, I received a message to return the tab (Samsung Tab 3). God must have known how much I like it back then because I am blogger and having a tablet is pretty much easier. On the other hand, it’s better to be returned than to pay for it monthly while I am still figuring out what I need to do. Knowing that I did not went back to that institution to properly endorsed the papers because of too much heavy emotions (pretty bad) I returned it. Although I liked it, I was not attach to things and I am still not attach to other material stuff up until now. Fast forward, me and my boyfriend look for a netbook because I figured that I better have a netbook because I am starting to write a book and we look and I still find everything expensive when I still have other monthly payables and when I resigned, I did not receive anything. I started zero as in zero. Nevertheless, when I look down on the inside of me, God give me so much peace and joy that I don’t care if I have material stuff or not. For me, I’ve got everything.  Jesus is totally everything.

Well, last July my sister ask me what I wanted. If I wanted her laptop or her tablet. Waaah. Of course she gives me choices and made the right choice. Tab. She said, it’s Samsung Tab 4 and it has been kept. Wow.

Before that, we were supposed to get a plan with a tab which is so much far from this one. We always smiled back then and trust God that He has better for me.  God is faithful and He sees what in our hearts.

Yours may not be a any of the material things. Yours maybe a broken heart. Failed relationships. Debts. Whatever.

Just trust God. The tab has been with my sister. God knows it’s must be for me. But I never received that until I resolve it in my heart, that whether I have stuff or not, I have what I needed and wanted. Jesus. All I need is Jesus.

And today, I enjoyed the tab. Thank you Jesus. But it’s Jesus who makes me complete and I can enjoy life with or without it.

You may lose something that you think is better and you cried over it but you still have no idea of the best that God has been keeping for you for years. Trust Him.

So here’s to God’s best for me. Cheering for your God’s best in His time.


When the devil gets my Tab 3, God gives me Tab 4.


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