Last night as I was staring at the wall, I just heard on the inside of me that I have to read Chronicles. So me having heard it, got my Bible and read it.


On the first chapter of 1 Chronicles, I wanna put the Bible down because I only get to read the names of the people. So I said God, why all the names? Promise I skipped those chapters (I’m sorry Lord). First, I could not understand why they were there. Second, their names are hard to pronounce (hahaha).

This morning I grabbed it again and since I skipped the first four chapters last night, I asked God in my spirit, why the names again and He said, that’s why it’s Chronicles. It is a narrative. A story. A diary. Huh? So to make sure that I heard it right, I checked my loving and stable partner, the Random House Rogets Thesaurus (yahoo) and I found the following meaning of Chronicles: record, history, chronology, journal, diary, account, logs, narrative, story.


OMG!!!! I must have heard Jesus.

And this is what He told me. You can learn from the people in the Book of Chronicles and you can choose the kind of life you want. Really? And it also boiled down to me, how am I writing my life story.


When the people chronicles my life, will they be inspired to follow Jesus or will they see me as the pattern of what not to do? (Oppps)

I guess today is a starting point of the kind of Chronicles I want for the rest of my life.

Happy Sunday.

Praying for the good Chronicles of your life♡♡♡


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