It’s More Fun With The Family

This year has been a great year so far because the Lord gave me the opportunity to travel back in Leyte with the family after a long long time. I miss being with my brother so much and it was such a great time to be together, this time, helping together, like him working and me sleeping while he just have to wake me up. Yahoo.


My handsome smiling brother being so nationalistic in my aunts “pot-pot.” He laughed all the time driving our soon to be brother in law from Paris.


The one on the driving seat is our brother by heart. He is such a nice guy that we all fall in love with him instantly. Humble. Family oriented. And most of all, he loves our sister.


Brothers. My sister in law’s brother was with us, my brother, and our soon to be brother in law. I am just so happy to see them enjoying each others company and to also see my brother having brothers that he can enjoy with.


It’s a miracle picture. We seldom have a picture together. God healed me on the inside that after a long time of hating and bitter against him, the Lord just gave me compassion for him. I stumble from time to time but I am far better than before. Thank you Jesus for my father, so game when the light, camera, action, smile♡♡♡


Boho beach. I never thought you will be as beautiful as this. The soft sand that touches my feet. The breeze that blew my hair gently. The ocean that never gives me allergy. Thank you Jesus for you.


My Root. A simple family. With a simple joy. With so much faith. We’ve been through hard times. Good times. But life is better when it’s shared with them. Thank you Jesus for my uncle, aunt, and cousin.


With them, I felt like a Princess. The calmness of my soon to be brother in law, the mercy and compassion of my brother, the peace and jokes of my father. Jesus makes these things happen.


The 3 J’s. (L-R: Julien, Jonelo, Jerry) as my sister in law looked on.

The journey is still going. The strength are far better than before. The growth outweighs the yesterdays. The grace of God is so much abounding. There are rough roads, bumpy rides, painful moments, joyous occasions,  but in all these, having Jesus as the center of it all, it’s really more fun with family.

You may have the closest friends, the millions of followers on social media, the co workers whom you enjoy with on a daily basis, the ministry as your escape for lonely days, but take note, when the going gets the toughest, it’s your family who will stick with you and support you ’till the end.

May you take time to ponder and in your heart may you start thanking Jesus for the gift of family and despite differences may you start thanking your parents, brothers, sisters, in laws for letting you see and experience true life beauty in a true community, family.


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