Jesus Is

I prayed every morning. Everyday. I read His Word daily. I encircled it. Underline it. And I love my Bible so much that I take it with me even if I’ve got the Word in the tablet. Wow. New Generation. But I guess nothing beats the Bible in pages.

One afternoon, I felt bored, dry, worried, panicky (waah), why can I not be the calm ladies on You Tube and TV? Then I went to Jesus. I asked Him why. What’s going on. Am I sinning? Am I doing something stupid? Is there something terrible that is going to happen?

Then all of a sudden, in that silence, I heard something on the inside of me that said, you make everything as a religion. Ouuccch. What?? I mean I woke up early making my requests known and it’s just religion?

As I sat down wandering, I realized that yeah, I wake up to impress God. I read to earn points. Yet. I did not hear Him because I did not listen to Him too (wahahaha).

In essence, He just gently told me that I can talk to Him while sipping my coffee. I can listen to Him while doing my laundry (yeah I do laundry with my two hands, announcement haha). That I can hear Him while cleaning the house. That He is not mad at me when I read my Bible anytime of the day. That He loves intimacy. That He cares so much about me. That He is not just first but a center of everything. That I cannot understand everything but I can trust Him in all things.

And I am enjoying the spontaneity of my relationship with Him.

Thank you Jesus.


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