Have A Break

One drizzled afternoon when the sitio seemed silent and the people are locked in their homes, in the most quiet place, my tiny steps brought me to a place where I can enjoy my own version of capuccino (3 in 1 + milo) in the most peaceful state of the heart oblivious of the tiny drops of rain that are like an instrumental healing music that flashed all over my soul.



The slice bread with scrambled eggs cooked with love by my sweetest my love added to the flavor of the clouds that still undecided of whether it will pour out a heavy rain or not. The corn beef melts in between the slice bread too as my my love placed it with gentility and I could see its favorable taste as I see him savored gently into his mouth. We are a version of to each his own as he likes his corn beef and I like my scrambled eggs for life. He has actually a surprise in his life when I told him that I don’t eat cornbeef but beefloaf is amazing (weird, hahaha).


The conversation over cups coffee becomes very interesting having me to do all the talking as always while my my love maintains his forever state of peacefulness alongside the gift of listening ears.


Watching the two men of my life, my boyfriend continues to listen as my father comes along sharing how he was miraculously saved when he was flashed through a flood in Silay Negros. The simplicity of life and the ability of God to save echoes all around the modest home reminding us once again that God is still the same yesterday, today, and forever.


And so while their conversations are going in depth from  drowning to being able to hold the rock that stood out before the river where my father could have been washed and could have been lost, it dawns on me again and again that Jesus is the Rock of our salvation and those who hold Him will never be forsaken.

It’s amazing how a simple break gives you a realization of the goodness of God from a simple man who attended faithfully to  his roosters but has an amazing faith in God.

Sometimes, we just have to have a break from our knowledge and intelligence and give an ear to simple people who has faith you will never know they have not until you put down your multiple theories and listen to a proven state of faith.

Have a great day bolstered with another measure of faith.


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