Bible Stuff

I went to a fellowship community one time and I went home crying basically because our belief system differs. I guess I picked up the message incorrectly and I had a hard time figuring out the God that He believes and the God that I believe. Overnight, I slept in tears because of simple differences then the light’s been turned on and I learned the following:

1) We only have a pigment knowledge of God but when the complete One comes, we will understand.

2) We don’t need to agree in everything but we can get at least one thing and that’s enough to keep us going.

3) We have to pick our Bible, ask the Holy Spirit and listen to how He wants us to see God and Jesus.

4) When we have Jesus, we already have everything, that’s the main course and for as long as they preached Jesus as the Savior, gracious, merciful then that’s the best in itself.

Oh so, grab your Bible, listen to the Holy Spirit, then press in to Jesus.

God Bless You


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