Move On

I don’t know what’s in the past but there is something about it that tempts us to look back. We look back to the good memories and the bad. We rehearsed both the failures and the victories. But today is no longer yesterday. Today has new challenges and it has its new victories as well. Today has its own touch of the Divine for a reason and for a purpose. There are those that makes us cry but it resulted to compassion for people and there are those that makes us laugh that it resulted to another dose of faith knowing that God can.

So, instead of looking back regardless of the memories, let’s walk today with faith that today is His new grace and His new mercy. Let’s step today knowing that God directs us with His love and sleep at night knowing that God is singing to us a lullaby and His very presence casts out bad dreams and fears.

Let’s move with our eyes fix to the One who never fails.

💜💜💜 Jesus Loves You 💜💜💜


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