I was just making an experiment to live a hopeful and quiet life and I discover the following:

1) Take time to be rooted in Jesus love. His love surpasses any kind of love.
2) Meditate on God’s Word. So many opinions and harsh words these days, but we can choose life or death. Choose life
3) Mind your own social media page. Freedom of speech has been abused that even an anger against someone is freely written in cyberspace.
4) Avoid gossips. Not everything said about you and them is 100% true.
5) Be content. You don’t need to be like the Joneses next door.
6) Stay in your call. You are the one who hear Him for yourself so go ahead and do what He said.
7) Good association. Eventually, you will become who you hang out with. So, hang out to the Word addict.

My discovery to a joyful and peaceful life💞💞💞

💜💜💜 Jesus Loves You 💜💜💜


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