“You had been silent for a long time”

Somebody said that to me when I chose to just keep quiet and move on. I was told to join to one group so that I can take vengeance. To be with people, took pictures and flood it on social media. To defend myself because I had been publicly mentioned and attack. So many carnal opinions and advices.


■ Do I really need to defend myself and prove that I am right and they are wrong? I still believe that in a relationship, no matter where it is, the two parties are either right and wrong. I was hurt, but the other party was also hurt.

■ In my vulnerability, people are riding on it and if I am not careful, they can use me to be their superhero because of their own silent anger and bitterness.

■ I will be trapped by my words. My sms can be copied and forwarded in the same way with my chats and blogs and people will use it against me.

I still learn that silence is wisdom in itself because as I busy myself asking for wisdom from Jesus to check where I was wrong, He changed me into a better me. And if negative news about me is still circulating, I am convinced that God is working behind the scenes to protect me.

💜💜💜 Jesus Loves You 💜💜💜


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