when I was a child, I was hooked on radio and the actors. Then I went to college, get hooked on tv & go bananas over mikee cojuangco. Lucy Torres Gomez came along & got crazy over her that I watched, read, listened & downloaded her pictures. I bought every magazine then switched to Shalani Soledad. The more I looked up to them, the lifeless I became. I was severely dealt with on idolatry & by the Spirit of the Lord, I began to throw the magazines & deleted videos from my tab. Then I was hooked on Christian Leaders, admired them a lot & began downloading their pictures & totally admired them & I was dealt with idolatry again.

Idolatry isn’t just kissing the carved images but giving someone my total over all affection away from Jesus Christ. There should only be one idol in my life & He is Jesus Christ.

Now, removing the pictures of my faith heroes which totally like parted my heart. This just goes to show that they become the idols of my life. But, the good news is that, I believe I’m allowed to retain some of their pictures but to pray for them not to idolize them.

Way to go in this walk of faith.

💜💜💜 Jesus Loves You 💜💜💜


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