Am just sitting down & begin to realize that the very reason why we are stuck is because we are too full of ourselves that we miss the inner transformation of God. We see us totally spotless & yes we are in Christ but our attitudes aren’t in sync with it because I guess we refuse to firsthand accept that we need a rewiring of the Holy Spirit. We begin to perfectly speak that we are in Christ but walk totally differrent & are defensive in many respects because we become accustomed to our own insecurity. There’s nothing wrong if we accept that we need help & there’s nothing wrong if we acknowledge our own struggle. We all have areas in our lives that needs fine tuning & sometimes the people that we consider as close to us are the very people that speaks the sharpest to expose what needs to be cleaned in our hearts. And when it does come, it may hurt us on the onset but if we look deeper, it’s just God’s infinite love so that in the process, we become like Jesus Christ.

💜💜💜 Jesus Loves You 💜💜💜


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