Matchless Perspective

I live in a complete paradox. To the far side of my right are stunning bungalows of well known people whose house lights are beautifully entertaining at a far distance in the night. To the near side of my left, specifically to where I am are simple wood houses which are totally the exact opposite in size, design, & I presume in appliances too.
And if the difference obsess me, it makes me bitter because I can have this thought of why is it greener at the other side of the fence. Are they special people than we do? Is life totally unfair despite the blood shed by Christ? Are they more fortunate & we are born out sheer bad luck? Yet then again, as I gazed beyond the differences, I see the same covering, the same work of art, the same richness of His love, the same smile behind the opposite.


His signature of love isn’t shared to the few I consider as blessed but it is spread to all regardless of how much one makes. And as I look and see that nothing from Him is being withhold even His precious Son, I could see that it’s not the temporal that’s totally essential but the real beauty that’s lasting & eternal.

I saw a glimpse of His glory but I guess, it’s an interwoven conversation that releases this what I call Matchless Perspective.

💜💜💜 Jesus Loves You 💜💜💜


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