Ability In The Disability

December 17, 2015. It was one of the Eagles Nest Founder’s Birthday and a Christmas Party. Our audience are Persons With Disability. They came in their best costumes. They showed their beautiful talents be it in dancing and singing. They smiled with a careless glow that radiates from the inside. They served regardless of their inability to walk straight because of strokes and some because of polio. They genuinely thank you even if they can’t talk fluently. Their heart is just so big. It was the most beautiful party that I have ever attended. To be given a chance to serve those who can’t pay you back is a beautiful opportunity. To hug those who felt neglected is my most pleasure. To be their feet so they can travel far distance. To be their hands so they can lift it up to praise Him. To be their mouthpiece so their heart can be heard. To be around them for Jesus presence to be felt. Those were matchless.

Probably they had been living having rejection as normal. They never felt so special. But on that night, they were one of a kind. They had been given the dignity. Their food were catered. They were photographed by professional photographers. They received an anointed message from Jesus. They were treated as royalty. My heart jump with so much joy for them.

Everything happened because of one woman who felt useless because of polio and met Jesus. Her love life in the Lord Jesus Christ flourish. She got married. And she came back to give others the same dignity Jesus has for her.

Sometimes, we ask so many whys in many of our pains, yet then again, if we just keep on walking and not give up, our whys are others answers. Our pains are others gain. Our test are our testimony. Our disability is His ability to show His glory.

If you are hurting and the pain is so severe, please hang a little longer. Please tap to Jesus grace. I promise you, He will not disappoint you and when you are healed and made whole, please lok forward and strengthen others in the strength of Jesus Christ.






💜💜💜 Jesus Loves You 💜💜💜


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