Merry Merry In Christ


I know. Its just few hours to go before Christmas. The traffic is showing its total vital signs. The malls are lighted. The songs are cheery. The smiles are merrily, yeah, the Christmas bonus helps. Many are excited of the 12 midnight when gifts are unwrapped and the presence of every family member are anticipated. Thr viber maybe potentially on, hoping that the prepaid internet load will cooperate and the signal will not be crawling.

On the other hand, perhaps there are people too who wish to be physically smiling but can’t, maybe because of loss, broken heart, financially broke, sick, distance, and others. While my heart is so into those who are suffering and I wish I can do magic to a hurting heart, heal those diagnosed with a chronic disease on the spot, answer the whys of circumstances that seemed unfair, reconcile broken marriages and relationship, give financial breakthrough to those who are waiting for a long time, let every family be together from a far away land, give a partner to single man and woman, ressurect loved ones,  provide shelter to the homeless, and more and more and more.

I can’t but I can do one thing, I can point you back to the reason why it’s Christmas. The get together, the food preparation, the unwrapping of gifts, is simply because of a God who chose to be born not on a luxurious hotel but in a manger. A God who has everything in heaven, where perfection and unspeakable joy is present become a man. Oh, how sweet of Jesus who has Himself born in this dark aged and even giving us the Holy Spirit. How sweet our Heavenly Father who sacrificed His only Son as His gift to us. How beautiful it is therefore, that regardless of our present circumstances, we can still breathed in comfort knowing that Christmas is beyond our material wishes coming true but a remembrance of the Father’s love and Jesus pure heart to lay His perfect life as a sin offering to our sinner state.

If you have no food prepared on the table, if you have no Christmas lights to spark in the dark, if you have no one to hug to feel the love, if you have nothing to share to express love, if you are unable to get up and help, if your circumstances aren’t changing yet, know my friend, that you are someone special in the Father’s heart and you are too precious to die for that Jesus who has been born in a manger but shed His precious blood for you and me too.

May each one of us come to the point of knowing what’s really necessary and have the strength to smile regardless of life reality. May our heart will still be bursting with hope in Christ who is our hope of glory.

To all of you my readers, thank you for taking the time of your day in reading the passion of my heart. Know that you are not taken for granted and I may not know you personally, I am praying for all of you.

Have a merry merry heart in Christ.

Merry Christmas🌲

💜💜💜 Jesus Loves You 💜💜💜


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