A Week With Vaders & Figuras

It’s always funny how you end up doing something you constantly smile and say NO’S with. I was invited to have Christmas with my boyfriend’s family, I smiled, my respectful way of saying, No, I won’t be joining. I was nudged to have a family get away with them, they got the same answer. First, that’s my first time to be with the parents and I don’t know how to behave. Second, I am too shy to live in someone else’s home where you feel like you tiptoe in every move. Let me tell you for the record that I was encouraged to always feel at home in every corner but having lived in someone else home growing up, I guess there are traits that’s been engraved into me everytime I am in someone else’s place. Third, I don’t know how to cook and the best that I can only do is to assist my boyfriend who is a gifted cook and a natural chef. Fourth, I wanna apply on a job which is a desire of my heart,  something I thought the hiring would last until the 29th of December. Thankfully, a friend said, the position is still open so here I am hahaha.

Yet, in all my NO’S, I acted YES. I spent my Christmas and New Year with the Vaders and Figuras. I had a long week get aways with all of them even to the point of meeting their relatives and friends. I have to tell you that I prayed a lot before meeting and spending time with them. As I entered the Vaders rented home, the Holy Spirit reminded me to be the best version of myself and to never impress them but to just be me. I did so while I felt the sense of peace and relief on the inside. I believe I enjoyed them and their uniqueness a lot. It was a feeling of being in “Bahay Ni Kuya” thing. In an instant, I was surrounded with a hilarious commander in chief, joker, firm, followers, financier, chefs, doctor, fearful hahaha and others. The only share I had was to always laugh having my known shallow kind of happiness and probably lending my ears to hear and listen to their unspoken heartbeat, others, to their expressive feelings at the moment. Truth be told, I know all of them from a distance but I am totally thankful to Jesus to have given me the opportunity to have a personal encounter with them in just a week and vice versa. Knowledge will impress you but encounter will impact you and I was totally impacted by each one in that short period of time.

If there is one thing I learned in that one week get away with Vaders and Figuras is exactly what this verse says in Proverbs 16:1 We humans make plans,  but the LORD  has the final word (CEV).

Had I insisted of my stubborn plans of not joining with them, I would have missed the beauty and uniqueness of my boyfriends root. I would have missed the laughters and the fun, the adventures I never expected but it’s another beautiful story to share, the beautiful example of generosity, the portrait of having a Christian Family that fellowship together, the joint meals where there’s the presence of joy, the quiet tears that speaks of a human heart, the noise I did not quite expected but enjoyed, the kids I could identify with when I was still a child, the favor of God when our ticket is in sitting capacity but all nine of us has a bed to lay our head, the smile in every camera click, the make up and lipstcik even if we have to climb to the mountains regardless of the rain, the beauty of differences and how it makes us a beautiful picture of the Body of Christ, and most of all, the Presence of the Lord Jesus Christ that makes it tranquil regardless of the circumstances.

The beauty of 2016 will come in full bloom when each one of us will allow the Lord Jesus Christ to lead our lives and to follow His beatings spoken in our hearts knowing fully well that what He has in mind is far more beautiful than what we think is best in our peanut brain. As Pastor Levi said in his sermon,

“God is wiser than you, therefore trust Him with all your heart.”

So, go with the flow of His will. Stop struggling. His waves may seem scary on the onset but having in mind that Jesus stirred the sea of your life won’t drown you, it will simply propel you to be His best you for you.


      First Sunday of January at church in Malitbog Leyte💗


                               Sisters Christmas Together💗


                               Walking together wt the Chief💗


                              Eat n Style💗


                              Style n Seashore


                              Fen n Sun is Fun with Ron💗


      We can’t have fun without our key: Prayer💗


                               Sis n Crime💗


                               My 💗


                              The generous Vaders💗💗💗

Jesus Loves You🌻


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